Before and After School Care

All monthly extended school day are payable with the tuition payments and should be included in the same check.  It is our policy not to prorate charges if any of these services are dropped or added after a new month has begun.

There is a $25 registration fee for before and after care services, however the registration fee of $25.00 is waived for academy students.

                K4                                       Time                                                K5-5th
       $50 per month                 (6:30AM-8:00AM)                             $70 per month
       $70 per month                 (2:45PM-6:30PM)                             $130 per month
       $100 per month              (6:30AM- 6:30PM)                             $180 per month

K4 –5th Grade

Before school care is available as early as 6:30AM until 8:00AM and after school care is available from 2:45PM until 6:30PM. 

Morning Transportation

  1. You may bring your child to the daycare anytime after 6:30AM.  When arriving please walk your child into the building and sign them in on the touch screen.
  1. The child will ride the 8:00AM bus to the academy.

Afternoon Transportation

  1. The child will ride the bus back to the daycare for extended care.
  1. The child may remain at the daycare as late as 6:30PM.

Please Note:  Identification (driver license) is checked of the person picking up the child.  Full-day children must be picked up by 6:30PM.  A surcharge of $2 per minute will be made for each child not picked up by 6:30PM which is due at the time of pickup.  Voices of Faith Christian Academy expects full cooperation from both student and parent.  A student who shows repeated problems or who is continually picked up late will not be permitted to remain in extended school day or participate in The Holiday Club activities.

Please Note:  Parents interested in the extended school day must fill out an information packet by Orientation Day.  No child will be assigned to an early morning group or afternoon group until this form has been completed. 

Important:  Parents taking advantage of our before and after school care are reminded that this is available on regular school days only.  Although school is dismissed early on some days, after school care is available. (Check school holidays listed on page 2 & 3.)

K4 program is under the license of BFTS.

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